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Bryan Gay, care aide at Menno Place, Karen Ballie, CEO of Menno Place, Adrian Dix, Minister of Health and Laurie Leith, Fraser Health vice president.
Seniors in Abbotsford, Agassiz and Chilliwack are benefiting from a more than $4-million investment in 2018-19 to increase staffing levels and ensure that seniors get the care they need.
Taylor Buis, Substance Use Clinician
"There are often misconceptions about people who use substances and how best to support them. But there are multiple pathways into substance use, no one client is the same.”
"I’ve witnessed and experienced violence too – I was a new graduate caring for a patient with dementia – it was scary; I didn’t know what to do. If only I’d known then what I know now."
Hannah Varto
“At The Embrace Clinic – an outreach medical service for survivors of violence such as sexual assault or partner violence – I treat women who have never had their sexual health taken seriously. That’s really sad.”