We are embracing the future with a digital twin and a digital front door - innovative concepts that will be the first of their kind at a B.C. health authority and will change the way we approach health care, offering convenient access through predictive and prescriptive health analytics.

A digital front door functions as a primary point of entrance – or front door – to health care, where patients can access services that cover the whole range of health care needs. It’s a way of engaging and helping patients navigate every step of their health care journey – using the technology they already use daily.

The first phase of our digital front door will make fraserhealth.ca more interactive and accessible through smartphones and computers. It will help people find care based on their location, symptoms and service availability. It will help people find the right service at the right time, which may reduce emergency department visits and readmissions, and promote virtual care.

Phase two of the digital twin project will focus on enabling new online appointment booking functionality as well as creating a new digital experience for people in our region to navigate and access mental health and substance use services.

By adopting these innovative technologies, we stride toward a future where patient care is not only more efficient and effective but also profoundly person-centred. Welcome to the future of health care, where innovation meets compassion, and patient well-being takes centre stage.

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