While you are in the hospital, your care and safety is our top priority.

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While you are in the hospital, your care and safety is our top priority. You and your loved ones can play an important role in helping to keep your hospital stay safe.

Follow these five safety steps:

  1. Keep clean – wash your hands before and after eating and after using the washroom using plain soap and water or hand sanitizer. If you are in need of help or supplies, ask your care provider or family member.
  2. Know your medicines – show your care provider the list of all the medicines you are taking as soon as you arrive at the hospital. This includes vitamins, herbal, and non-prescription products. Also, tell your care provider about any allergies or side effects you may experience. 
  3. Get moving – staying active is a good way for you to recover. Try different activities such as walking and sitting up for meals. Try doing bed or chair exercises. Be sure to wear proper footwear or non-skid socks. Ask for a walking aid if needed.
  4. Ask questions – talk to your care providers if you have any questions or concerns about your treatment. Be part of your care planning. Bring up any changes that do not make sense or seem unusual about your care. Look at your Understanding My Stay whiteboard, if one is in your room, for information about your stay. Use this board to write questions for your care providers. 
  5. Plan for home – start planning for your return home as soon as possible so you can recover in a place that is most familiar to you. Check the whiteboard in your room and make sure that your safety equipment is ordered for your use at home. Ask your care provider to write down any information about your activity, food, follow-up tests and visits following your return home.

Print a copy of our safety tips

Print a copy of the safety tips above to keep with you.

Keep informed

Stay informed about key aspects of your care plan and steps to keep safe in the hospital:

  • Talk to us about what is important to you. 
  • Look for Keeping You Informed messages on the quality bulletin boards located on your unit. 
  • Know how to contact the unit manager and patient care coordinator.
  • Look for hospital safety data on your unit whiteboard.

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