Fraser Health plans to open a new Community Transitional Housing site in Surrey in the coming days to assist vulnerable people discharged from Surrey Memorial Hospital for individuals who no longer require hospital care but still need ongoing support for their health concerns.

“Since announcing our commitment to implementing 30 health care actions in Surrey, we have seen tremendous momentum and progress thanks to strong partnerships and the dedication of staff and medical staff in Surrey,” said Adrian Dix, Minister of Health. “As part of our promise to expand services in Surrey, this unique transitional housing environment will ensure eligible vulnerable patients benefit from a continuum of care after they no longer require hospital services, keeping them connected to the health support services they need.”

This action is being taken to specifically address the important issue raised by Surrey doctors, nurses and health care workers of establishing a transitional housing option for patients who have been discharged from hospital and no longer require hospital services, to access support services they require to support their recovery.

This initiative will prioritize people discharged from hospital who have precarious housing or are unhoused and is among the 30 health care actions planned for Surrey by Fraser Health and the Ministry of Health aiming to broaden and enhance health and support services in the area.

Fraser Health will provide around-the-clock care to 53 people at this new site. Services will include psychosocial supports, medication management and rehabilitation in a supportive, home-like environment. Nurses will monitor clients’ medical concerns, ensuring appropriate referrals to the nearby Surrey Urgent and Primary Care Centre or Surrey Memorial Hospital Emergency based on individual needs.

“We know people need a safe, supportive environment after hospital discharge, where compassionate care nurtures their recovery,” said Dr. Victoria Lee, president and CEO, Fraser Health. “We’ve carefully designed Community Transitional Housing to help us ensure more patients benefit from wraparound, personalized care that improves their quality of life.”

Fraser Health’s dedicated team will provide tailored wraparound support, recognizing and addressing each person’s unique needs. This approach aims to facilitate smoother recoveries, potentially reducing complications, improving quality of life, and minimizing hospital admissions and emergency visits.

The site will be located at 9414 King George Boulevard and is expected to gradually scale up operations starting December 18, 2023.

After a patient completes their short stay, typically a few weeks, at the Community Transitional Housing site, staff will assist patients in returning home or transitioning to community-based supportive housing. This approach ensures ongoing support, fostering a sense of understanding and compassion for those on their path to recovery.

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