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Patient care comes in many forms. Learn about the Medical Device Reprocessing Quality Team and how they contribute to Fraser Health’s quality initiatives.

(Photo) Medical Device Reprocessing Quality Team - left to right:
Gillian Foster, regional nurse educator MDR, Harpreet Gill, coordinator, Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement MDR, Kamal Sodhi, MDR manager Surrey Memorial Hospital and Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre, Sarah Ormond, coordinator Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement MDR, Michelle Krausher, MDR manager Burnaby Hospital

It takes many different, dedicated health care professionals to achieve Fraser Health’s priority to be a lead in quality and integrated access to care. This includes the team members of the Medical Device Reprocessing Quality team.

While much of their work happens behind the scenes, its effects are far-reaching, impacting both the flow of the hospital and the patient experience alike.

What is medical device reprocessing (MDR)?

“The role of the MDR Department is to provide reusable medical devices in a timely manner that are safe for use,” says Gillian Foster, regional nurse educator.

“In simple terms, medical device reprocessing technicians are responsible for the decontamination, preparation and sterilization of medical equipment using highly specialized machines."

Team members’ expertise and efficiency in this essential prep ensures surgeries and medical procedures happen on time.

“The Medical Device Reprocessing Department is the ‘heart of the hospital’,” says Kamal Sodhi, a medical device reprocessing manager at Surrey Memorial Hospital and Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre. “The work done by our MDR technicians affects almost every patient visit.”

The team consists of two managers, two quality coordinators and one regional clinical nurse educator – who support the technicians to do the quality work they do.

Together, they support medical device reprocessing practices across the region. They are responsible for updating and developing over 200 policies and procedures, providing ongoing education to over 400 medical device reprocessing staff and the successful deployment of all new medical device reprocessing equipment. They are also part of the planning of nine medical device reprocessing redevelopment and renovation projects.

This quality team also guides practices on Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standards, B.C. Ministry of Health best practice guidelines, manufacturer’s instructions for use, operating room Nurses Association of Canada standards, Accreditation Canada standards and Fraser Health policies.

“Our team’s goal is to provide practical information that our MDR technicians need to reprocess instrumentation and devices that are safe for use without delay,” says Gillian.

(Video) Washers and disinfectors clean vital medical devices.

Their gold-standard operations have set the team up for the rigours of Accreditation as well.

“Our MDR Departments will be going through the Accreditation process next year with five sites having scheduled visits,” says Gillian.

To support the sites, she and her team have participated in mock tracer visits, meet regularly to plan education activities, work on policy updates and quality improvement projects.

Some proud moments for the quality team are the Delta Hospital medical device reprocessing renovation and moving the Peace Arch Hospital Medical Device Reprocessing Department into a brand new building.

“We are proud of how our MDR teams transitioned into these new spaces without any interruption in service affecting patient care,” reflects Harpreet Gill, coordinator, Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement.

And of course, they have immense pride in the medical device reprocessing technicians themselves.

The Medical Device Reprocessing Quality Team would like to acknowledge our medical device reprocessing technicians who are a vital part of the health care team working independently, collaboratively and accepting responsibility for the work performed.

Leading in quality and integrated access to care is a top priority for Fraser Health. Thank you to the Medical Device Reprocessing Quality Team and technicians for contributing to this and for all the quality work you do.

Interested in working with inspiring professionals like the Medical Device Reprocessing Quality Team? Learn about the opportunities available on our careers page.

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