Last month, staff working by a window at the Surrey Urgent Care Response Centre (UCRC) noticed some tall grass rustling around in a planter box in the courtyard when suddenly a duck popped her head up out of the foliage.

It turns out she was a mother-to-be, protecting her eggs in a nest in the tall grass. Staff kept a watchful eye on her and posted a sign on the planter box to prevent gardeners from disturbing her.

Affectionately named Miss Daisy, the proud mother duck hatched her nine ducklings right on Mother’s Day.

“She was a proud one, that’s for sure. Her enthusiastic quacking and parading around the planter box said as much,” says Andrea Smith, a nurse at the Surrey UCRC.

Duck flying up to flower box outside in front of building windows

Staff congratulated her and gave her some water and birdseed, which she quickly devoured, along with several refills. Wildlife Rescue came and gave both Miss Daisy and her ducklings thorough check-ups.

“Miss Daisy was a bit thin, but I guess that is what happens when you sit on eggs for a month! All of the little ones appeared healthy and happy,” Smith recalls.

The family of 10 were safely relocated to Robson Park in Surrey, where staff have since seen them happily swimming in the pond.

Well done to Miss Daisy and the UCRC staff.

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