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This week's high fives go to our amazing people at Abbotsford Hospital, Delta Hospital, Surrey Bear Creek Rapid Test Distribution Centre, Surrey 66 COVID-19 Testing and Immunization Centre and Cloverdale Recreation Centre COVID-19 Immunization Centre.

Want to send a high five to your health care provider or Fraser Health team member? Leave a comment below or send us your story here.

For Abbotsford Regional Hospital

I had to visit the Emergency Department. I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the emergency doctor on duty and staff. I am very sorry that I don't know the doctor’s name but his kindness and professionalism made it so much easier to get through a quite painful procedure. Thank you very much.

Each and every person on Baker 3 Ward who took care of me were my darling little angels. Whether it was one of my nurses, Kristian, Daniel, Amanda, Nicole; Dr. Meldrum and his team; one of the many technicians; physiotherapists, Barb and Muhammed; or occupational therapist, Patti, they all treated me so incredibly. Their care and compassion is something that I will never forget.

For Delta Hospital

Nurse Stacey at the Blood Lab is the gentlest, most compassionate nurse I've ever had. Thanks Stacey for making my visit as painless and trauma-free as possible. I am freaked out by needles, so blood work is a big deal. Stacey was so gentle, quiet and reassuring. She allowed me to touch her arm as she inserted the needle. Wow. Thank you, Stacey.

For Surrey Bear Creek Rapid Test Distribution Centre

Courtnee is super efficient, keeps the whole site organized and the line moving fast. She kindly explains to people how testing works and helps them get exactly what they need.

For Surrey 66 COVID-19 Testing and Immunization Centre

My daughter was nervous about her first COVID-19 vaccination, but afterwards she couldn’t believe how easy it was. The doctor was kind, gentle and super quick. He even made her laugh by telling her afterwards that she should take it easy on her arm and not do any housework for six weeks. He was great and she left happy. Thank you.

For Cloverdale Recreation Centre COVID-19 Immunization Centre

My daughter went for her second COVID-19 vaccine dose. We were in and out in 30 minutes. The nurses at both first and second doses were delightful but shout out to Elizabeth who patiently waited for my daughter to get a video ready for a distraction. And this location had snacks. Thanks for continuing to get better.

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