Today, to help encourage immunization among other young adults with a fear of missing out, Fraser Health has launched a new social-media video campaign.

Called Fight the FOMO. Register, Book, Get the Shot, you can view it on our social media channels now.

For Telka Pesklevits and Frankie Cena, fear of missing out was a powerful motivator in their decisions to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Frankie, a 29-year-old TV personality and Fraser Health Young Adult Health Influencer, says he worried about missing more opportunities to travel and spend time with family.

"I come from a big Italian family and holidays are such an important time for us. It was always Good Friday, Easter, Christmas and birthdays where we would reconnect, and it's been a long time since I've seen my aunts and uncles and cousins,” Frankie says.

"I unfortunately lost two uncles during the pandemic and was not able to attend their funerals. That was heartbreaking and I feel for families who have suffered similar losses. My call to action is to register now, and book your shot immediately. The only way that we can get through this is for enough people to get registered and stay on top of opportunities to book their immunization appointments."

Telka, 24, a small business owner and member of Fraser Health’s Young Adult Panel, consulted on the Fight the FOMO campaign to ensure it strikes a chord with people ages 18 to 29. Most of all, Telka wants to get back to live music and going out with friends on sunny days.

“Getting dressed up and meeting with friends I haven't seen in awhile is something that's hard to replicate online. Even if live shows aren't your thing, the freedom to be able to see others is something that all young people should be excited to get vaccinated for!” says Telka.

Visit our social-media channels (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) to learn more.

“We developed this campaign by working closely with our young adult influencers in our region,”says Dr. Victoria Lee, President and CEO, Fraser Health. “We look forward to more young people registering, booking and getting their shots as quickly as possible so that we can put the pandemic behind us.” 


Once you have registered and have received your booking invitation, please do not delay booking your appointment. Once you have received your immunization, it remains critical that we continue following public health orders and guidance at this time.

Immunizing helps protect our health system and helps businesses in our community return to normal operations.

For more information about COVID-19, please visit

For media inquiries, please contact:

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