We are working quickly to book COVID-19 immunization appointments and have accelerated the booking schedule.

People 73 years of age (born 1948) and older can now book through Fraser Health’s 24/7 online booking tool for their COVID-19 vaccine appointment or by calling the call centre.
Eligible people can book their vaccine using our 24/7 online booking tool on the day they become eligible. Our COVID-19 immunization phone lines are also available at 12:00 noon each day for eligible people to book their appointments.

To book your immunization appointment if you live in the Fraser Health region:

  • Book online at Fraserhealth.ca/vaccinebooking
  • Call the Fraser Health COVID-19 Immunization Booking phone line: 1-855-755-2455

As new age stratifications open, there may be high booking volumes on those days and in particular when the phone lines open at noon. Please consider booking online outside of business hours as it is open 24/7. Everyone who is eligible will be given the opportunity to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

It remains important for people living in the Fraser Health region to get tested as soon as you have COVID-19-like symptoms, even mild ones. Please don’t wait, and book or drop by one of our collection centres which are operated in partnership with local Divisions of Family Practice. People living in the Fraser Health region can find information about test collection centres by visiting Fraser Health’s website

To book a COVID-19 testing appointment, complete a COVID-19 test booking form

For more information about COVID-19, please visit fraserhealth.ca/covid19.

For media inquiries, please contact:  


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