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“Getting the vaccine gives you hope that COVID-19 will eventually be a thing of the past. It gives us grace to kind of return back to normalcy, and allows us to do the things we were doing a year ago which made us happy.”

“It’s the things that you easily forget about. Being able to go swimming. Being able to go travelling again. You forget how much you've actually missed those kind of activities that are usually taken for granted. My family and I talked about going to Disneyland as a reward for getting through this together, and celebrating the fact that we survived it.

Also doing everyday activities, for example, going out and watching my son play hockey inside the rink, as opposed to being locked in the car. Same with baseball. We can’t be around the baseball diamonds – we had to sit in our cars yesterday during tryouts. I miss participating in my children’s little lives.

In the Intensive Care Unit, you see the worst of the worst. You don't ever want yourself, your loved ones or anyone's loved ones, to be in that position. So if you can prevent [COVID-19 transmission] from happening, it's really a no-brainer to me. Sign yourself up, get [your vaccine] and prevent the detriment of what can happen from…COVID-19. It's one of those things where once you see how bad it can get, you would never consider not getting the vaccine.”

Vaccine appointment registration is open for many age groups. 

Why vaccinate? We all have our reasons. 

Get registered so we can get back to the things we love soon. 

Learn more at Get Vaccinated

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