The COVID-19 outbreaks at Tabor Home and Menno Home have been challenging to control as COVID-19 continues to spread in our communities.

We offer our sincere condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones during this time. 

Over the past several weeks, Fraser Health has been supporting and offering guidance to Tabor Home Society and the Mennonite Benevolent Society, the owners and operators of Tabor Home and Menno Home, respectively.

Fraser Health is placing additional leadership supports for the pandemic response to provide oversight of COVID-19 response at Tabor Home and Menno Home. We have been working very closely with Tabor Home and Menno Home and this decision was made collaboratively to further support each facility’s leadership and staff.

Fraser Health continues to support each site’s staffing deficits with the deployment of additional nurses and care staff to ensure resident care needs continue to be met. Other enhanced control measures continue to be in place, including:

  • Visitors are restricted throughout the facility.

  • Staff and residents movement in the facility has been restricted.

  • Cleaning and infection control measures have been enhanced.

  • Residents, families and staff are being notified.

  • Twice a day screening of all staff and residents.

Earlier this year, Fraser Health appointed a Director of Pandemic Response in one other occurrence when there was a complex outbreak at a contracted long term care site.

Fraser Health has, in partnership with long term care and assisted living facilities, implemented comprehensive strategies to prevent and respond to COVID-19 in these facilities. In addition, Fraser Health has also deployed more than 480 people including care staff and our rapid-response teams which include clinical nurse educators, infection prevention and control experts, screeners, and patient care quality officers supporting with communication to families and assessing symptoms at sites with outbreaks. Through these teams, sites are also connected with emergency supplies and support strategies around additional personnel if needed.

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