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The week's kudos to to our amazing employees at Langley Memorial, Surrey Memorial, Ridge Meadows and Abbotsford Regional Hospitals.

For Langley Memorial Hospital

Thank you so much to the team at Langley Memorial CCU for taking such good care of my father. The nurses, Karen, Jennifer and Noreen were very patient and caring. Thank you for all that you do for the ill and the elderly. 

For Langley Memorial and Surrey Memorial Hospitals

My son was brought by ambulance to Langley Memorial. He spent several days upstairs in CCU before being transferred to Surrey Memorial ICU. I can't find the words to say how great the staff were in both locations. He was treated as a human, not a piece of meat. There was dignity offered to him throughout his entire care.The staff in both locations were kind, compassionate and patiently answered all of our unanswerable questions over and over and over.  

Sadly, he did not survive and now our family will move on without our son, father and brother. We are comforted to know that his last days and minutes were ones of comfort and respect. I'd like to single out, if I may, one of his nurses in Langley CCU – Robert. It was like our son was being treated by a family member. Please make the effort to express our thanks. Also, one of the ICU nurses at Surrey named Carrie was the definition of warmth. She sat with him a couple nights so he wouldn't be alone and sang to him even though he couldn’t hear. Please tell her we will never forget this gesture.  

With sincere thanks for all the efforts made for our son.

For Ridge Meadows Hospital

I came to the Ridge Meadows Emergency Room. I wanted to give a huge shout out to your staff that you had on-call. There were two ladies and a gentleman named Sean that assisted me and they were just awesome. I was a little bit stressed out and they were genuinely funny, honest, made me feel at ease and were quick and efficient. I was not a bother to them and they showed great empathy for my situation. Dr. Kevin saw me and he was phenomenal. He took the time to explain what was going on and why it was so important that I came in when I did and gave the reasoning as to why I was feeling the way that I did. From start to finish your team was top notch and I could not have been more blessed to come at the time I did and be helped by them. They are a huge asset to your team and you are lucky to have them. Too often people are quick to complain, I want to make sure that this is passed onto them on doing a great job and that I am very grateful for their help. 

For Abbotsford Regional Hospital

Abbotsford Hospital high five
Abbotsford Regional Hospital high five

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