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This week's high fives go to our amazing people at Burnaby Hospital and Surrey Memorial Hospital.

 Want to send a high five to your health care provider or Fraser Health team member? Leave a comment below or e-mail feedback@fraserhealth.ca.

For Fraser Health

Surrey Memorial Hospital high five

For Burnaby Hospital

I spent five days in the hospital this past week following emergency surgery and wanted to express my pleasure at the level of care I received. 

While all the health care providers I encountered were amazing, I wanted to specifically mention one nurse who really stood out to me. Emily, who is an ER nurse at Burnaby Hospital, was the first nurse I met when I arrived at the ER. She was immediately concerned about the level of pain I was in and worked quickly to get me a bed and pain medication as well as a meeting with the ER doctor. She was kind, calming and incredible at her job. I ended up being transferred to Royal Columbian Hospital and she came along which I was very grateful for. She kept me calm and I felt that she really cared about me and [made] sure that I was okay. This was my first hospital visit and surgery and she made me feel relaxed and less scared about my situation. 

It would be much appreciated if you could send along my gratitude to Emily who is a truly incredible nurse. 

Thank you.


For Surrey Memorial Hospital

Almost a year ago, the Surrey Memorial Hospital emergency department saved not only my life, but the life of my unborn daughter. After being admitted into the acute department for fainting episodes, they were able to quickly diagnose me with third degree heart block. I would like to say thank you to all the amazing nurses, student nurses, lab techs, ultrasound techs and doctors who were able to act quickly and allow me and my daughter to be alive today. Please keep up the amazing work everyone. Because of your dedication, hard work and your knowledge we are here today.

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