The BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre is pleased to announce the recipients of the Fraser Centre Planning Award for Patient-Oriented Research and Knowledge Translation.

The Planning Award was created to encourage and support multidisciplinary teams (patient, researcher, clinician, and decision maker) to develop collaborations and plan their patient-oriented research or knowledge translation projects to help advance the mandate of Canada’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research.

  1. Responding to the Overdose Crisis: Exploring Risk and Resilience with a Hidden Patient Population in the Fraser East (Jennifer Hawkins and Sherry Mumford, Fraser Health)
  2. Determining Indigenous Cultural Safety and Cultural Humility Research Priorities (Petra Pardy, Kelowa Edel, Brian Muth and Vishal Jain, Fraser Health)
  3. Integrating Health Literacy in Understanding Sudden Cardiac Death (Peter Ruben, Simon Fraser University [SFU])
  4. Exploring experiences of caregivers and patients with home enteral nutrition within Fraser Health (Rebekah Sandhu, Fraser Health)

Each team includes or is working towards recruitment of at least one member from four key stakeholder groups: patient, clinician, decision maker, and academic. The successful teams include one led by a SFU affiliated investigator and three are Fraser Health affiliated investigator led. A total of ten submissions were received from BCIT, SFU, and Fraser Health. Congratulations to this year’s teams!

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