This middle chapter section could have begun with a number of better quotes than the following: “You’ve come too far, don’t give up now” (don’t give up later, either); “Ready for your next hurdle?”

While you work on your empire, and contemplate the dream of Rome, be aware that, “shift” happens (bad pun!). Even the most well-designed and organized research studies may be interrupted as issues arise. For example, a second patient advisor sought for my stroke study never appeared. Another study for which I had to travel to beyond my own hometown had scheduled meetings which were never held. A third study began before all participants were signed up, and delayed subsequent meetings until everyone was brought up to speed. One study was projected to take a year to complete. When we entered our second year without a meeting after our initial plans, I wondered: “had the study died or concluded without my knowledge?” Good thing I was pleasantly surprised by the call for final comments at a study-end full-team meeting!

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