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This week's high fives go to our amazing people on our Mental Health and Substance Use Harm Reduction team, and various hospitals across the region.

I would like to send my gratitude to the Eagle Ridge Hospital Emergency staff: Cyndi, Brian, Jenny and Dr. Ryper for the excellent and compassionate care they provided for my father Wednesday, September 27. I was truly grateful for their professionalism and the ‘extra mile’ they took. What a warm experience! Thanks so much!

Two weeks ago, our kiddo sliced her hand before school and ended up needing three stitches. We were helped and released within an hour.

The staff was excellent. Dr. R was kind, calm and firm. Nurse Sarah was supportive and a much-needed assistant. Cleaning staff Keri took charge of the other kiddo who was freaking out being in the same room with her bellowing sibling. Our younger kiddo had a nice normal walk and chat around the quieter hallways.

I suspect there are volunteers involved here too since Keri gave the girls a couple of knitted finger puppets and a glass of juice.

I'm impressed with this hospital every time we end up there. The intake staff are patient and friendly too!

I hope to forward a heartfelt, "Thanks guys!!!"

I am the substitute decision maker for my husband's aunt who lives in a facility in Surrey. My husband and I live in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Today she was sent to Surrey Memorial Hospital via ambulance where she was cared for in Emergency.

This afternoon I had two phone calls, first from Dr. Chang and later from Dr. Warrington. They were both very professional and kind while they explained her condition and discussed potential options for her care. Even though her condition was referred to as a "terminal event," Dr. Warrington was very caring and compassionate and did not appear to be in a rush to get off the phone.

She had a procedure done this afternoon and the plan is to keep her overnight. I phoned the Emergency Acute 2 Unit this evening to see how she was doing. I spoke to a nurse, Christelle (?) who was very helpful in telling me that she was awake and answering questions. When I asked if I could speak to her, Christelle said there weren't any cordless phones on the unit and she couldn't bring her to the phone. When I explained that I live in Yellowknife and there was no way for me to see her, Christelle took down my phone number and called me back using her own phone. I was able to speak with my husband’s aunt and know that she is doing okay, at least for now.

I find it hard to put into words how much I appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness of Christelle to do this for me (and for my husband’s aunt). My husband’s aunt doesn't have any family other than my husband and I, and we are very far away. The care she has received today has been greatly appreciated.

I wrote a note yesterday to say how much I appreciated the staff in Emergency [at Surrey Memorial Hospital]. Late this afternoon, my aunt passed away. My husband and I live in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, so we are very far away from Vancouver and not able to be there in person. I phoned the hospital this morning and although I wasn't able to speak to my aunt, I did ask that a message was given to her. [When her nurse, Tia, called me back, she] assured me that my message from this morning was delivered and my aunt was thankful to hear it. Tia also reassured me that she was well looked after in her last day. Tia was kind and compassionate, putting my aunt and me first - providing excellent patient and family-centred care. She made this sad news a little easier to hear. Thank you all for looking after my aunt so well.

In all the hospitals I have been a patient in over my 68 years, I have never experienced more friendly and sincere service. I was a patient on Sept. 20 and then Sept. 25 through 28. All staff were friendly and attentive, no matter which department I was in. All my nurses were excellent and one (Leanne) was simply outstanding. Thanks so much to all.

Yesterday I had ACL [knee] reconstructive surgery at Eagle Ridge Hospital. My surgeon was Dr. Dory Boyer.

I wanted to take a moment to recognize all of the nursing staff that took care of me pre and post operation. I felt very comfortable, well-taken care of and could truly trust all of the nurses. The patient care I received was outstanding. Thank you to nurses Lisa, Ivan, Kash, Monica and Sherry (there was one more nurse in post op but I can't remember her name).

My 23-year-old son was admitted to Abbotsford Regional Hospital a couple weeks ago and had an 11-day stay. After the first night in Emergency, which was horrific for him (despite nice staff), he was moved into the Critical Care Unit (his issue was not cardiac related). I want to acknowledge the kind, compassionate and professional nursing staff of Yvonne, and Susan (1) and Susan (2) ...lol, we didn't know their last names. They made an awful situation much more bearable for not only my son, but for me as a mother seeing my son in such a weakened, painful state with ulcerative colitis. He spent the last few nights in the ward next door where again the nursing staff were great. But I have to say the time that Yvonne and the two Susans took to explain things, answer our questions, check in on him, etc. - they very much deserve recognition for a job well done.

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