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This week's kudos go to our amazing people at Burnaby, Ridge Meadows, Fraser Canyon, Royal Columbian and Surrey Memorial Hospitals.

My family doctor sent me to the Burnaby ER. The initial CT scan that I had done at Burnaby Medical Imaging was normal, however, the intensity, and frequency of my headaches had increased. My experience was "more than great". All of your staff were professional and caring. I must thank Dr. McGowan, and all of the staff at the ER for their excellent care, during a very stressful time for me! As I have a family history of brain bleeds, my anxiety was peaked. Dr. McGowan, and all of the doctors, nurses on duty that day, made me feel at ease, in spite of their very busy day.

I was admitted to [Ridge Meadows Hospital] emergency for severe lower back pain. I would like to thank the medical staff, nurses and doctors for their professionalism for my care.

I would also like to thank the nurses and Dr. Ravi Rughani, for going the extra mile to control my pain. The doctor also arranged to get me a CT scan.

I have been to emergency over the last year for my ongoing condition relating to my lower back.

This last week has been the worst time I can remember for having this amount of pain.

I would just like to recognize these individuals for their dedication to health care.

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