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This week's high fives go to our amazing people at Langley Memorial, Chilliwack General, Abbotsford Regional, Royal Columbian, Peace Arch and Ridge Meadows hospitals and Baillie House.

During a recent visit to Langley Memorial Hospital I was most impressed by the treatment I received from everyone I came in contact with - from the pre-admission, interview, lab [and] ECG, to the Day Surgery department, Dr. Archambault and surgery team. I would like special compliments to go to my night nurse Christina and the day nurses Jonathan and student Candace. The cleaning lady deserves mention for her good work. I certainly appreciate the administration's part in this well-run hospital which is facing the challenges of the number of patients to be treated. Keep up the good work. The patients do appreciate it.

I just wanted to say that I received fantastic care at Chilliwack Hospital when I was in for a colonoscopy. The nurses were kind, professional and caring, it made an uncomfortable situation much more bearable and I really appreciated it. I would like the nurses to receive recognition for their outstanding professionalism.

Hello, this is a thank you message to all staff at Abbotsford Regional Hospital Emergency Department. I was informed by my doctor to report to the hospital over concerns of a possible heart attack or blood clot. The staff were very professional, polite, kind and caring. Even though it was a long day the experience on a scale from one to 10, was a 10+. Again, I thank all staff on duty that day. Great job, people.

I had an appointment for a pacemaker check-up at Dr. Bonet's office at the Royal Columbian Hospital. Walking from reception, I was asked three times if I needed help, once by Patrick who was a supervisor. After a good drive from Chilliwack, we arrived at the clinic early. Cristin was just leaving for her break but [she] turned around and took care of me immediately. Dr. Bonet is truly amazing with the care that he gave me. Dr. Bonet and his team make you feel like you are really special and give you care like you are the only patient they have, and they have patience to listen to my endless stories.

Thank you again.

I am writing today to express my appreciation for the excellent care my 96 year-old father received during a recent admission to Peace Arch Hospital for acute congestive heart failure. Please pass on our thanks to the physicians and staff of the ER and Acute Care for the Elderly Units. I tried to keep track of names as best I could, and I apologize to the many I have missed. Dad is so fiercely independent that I don’t believe he ever needed the assistance of any of the care aides, which is why none of them are mentioned here. By the length of this list, I am reminded how many people and resources are needed for the care of just one patient.

These amazing care givers are:

In the Emergency Department: Megan, registered nurse (RN), Gurvir, RN, Tamara, respiratory therapist (RRT) and Dr. Joyce.

In the Acute Care for the Elderly Unit: Rose, RN, Sandra, RN, Cynthia, RN, Velma, RN, Parmjit, RN, Monica (student nurse), Darren, RRT, and the pregnant RRT whose name I missed, the physiotherapist, whose name I missed but I believe she has an English accent, Luigi, the rehabilitation assistant, Raquel, the patient care coordinator, Dr. Fam, Dr. Darby, Dr. Thornton and Dr. Thavarajah.

I am happy to report that dad is recovering in the comfort of the home he and my mother built 45 years ago, reading the newspaper in his favourite chair, next to the fireplace with the dog at his feet and the cat in his lap.

With infinite gratitude.

On behalf of our family, we sincerely wish to extend our deepest gratitude [to staff at Baillie House] for your compassion and very loving 24/7 care for our father.

Our father's health has improved under your watchful care and eyes. Words cannot truly express our gratitude.

We thank you all very, very much,

God bless.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the various people who saved my husband’s life last Friday. Starting in the morning around 9:15 when paramedics picked him up from home and took him to Chilliwack General Hospital to stabilize him. My husband coded in the ambulance and a paramedic saved him using CPR. After going to the Royal Columbian Hospital he underwent a procedure to have two stents put in. One failed and he coded again and was saved by the staff on hand. He went back in for another two stents to be inserted and [then was] sent to the Cardiac ICU where he spent three nights. [He spent] two more nights on 2 North. Special thanks to nurse Angela.

What tremendously well-trained staff you have at the Royal Columbian Hospital. Please pass on to all the ICU, 2N and Cath Lab staff - we thank you. My husband is doing great.

Thank you to 3N at Ridge Meadows Hospital. [My client] spent about one week in Ward 3 North. I was one of his advocates. I want to compliment the nursing staff for their high quality of care. I saw capable and happy nurses working well together. I remember Monique, Zora and others. Thank you for your administration’s work, which has helped make this possible.

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