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This week's kudos go to our amazing people at Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre, Royal Columbian Hospital, Chilliwack General Hospital and Burnaby Hospital.

I would like to say thanks for the wonderful care I received from the medical staff at Royal Colombian following a heart attack. Special thanks to Dr. Tycho Vuurmans, the cardiologist who took care of me.

The staff from Jim Pattison Cardio Rehab were great and provided useful advice. Thanks for the great care.

Vinita Krishna from Aramark was very thorough in buffing and dusting our room at Royal Columbian Hospital. She was hard working with a big smile on her face and made us feel like at home instead of at a hospital. Great to have staff like Vinita.

I arrived at the Chilliwack Hospital Emergency Department with a very low heartbeat. I was very scared, truly believing I might die. With genuine concern for my situation, I was fast tracked to the ICU. They rapidly determined I had a serious issue with my heart, and that a pacemaker needed to be implanted to regulate my heartbeat. That was Thursday morning. The operation couldn’t take place until the following Monday. The nurses and doctors in the ICU took great care of me, and once they felt my condition had stabilized, sent me to the Cardiac Unit 3N. The intense high level of care continued through discharge. With my deepest thanks to all, my family and I will enjoy another, more meaningful Christmas together!

I brought a senior patient who is quite infirm to Burnaby General for a visit to the Optimization Department. Not knowing where we were going we managed to get to the opposite end of the hospital. We bumped in to Adina, a volunteer, who not only got us a wheel chair but took us all the way across the hospital to the correct area. Please relay my thanks to her for her assistance.

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