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This week’s high fives go out to our incredible people at Chilliwack General Hospital, Mission Memorial Hospital, Peace Arch Hospital, Surrey Memorial Hospital and our Mental Health and Substance Use team.

On July 17, I had to make a trip to the Chilliwack Hospital emergency. I was treated well and efficiently at the reception and when taken into the ER. Dr Rawstrom and staff took really good care of me and did so pleasantly and effectively. I wish I could remember everyone's name that helped get my atrial fib under control. They were amazing and I thank them all. Dr. Rawstrom set up several appointments for me to follow up and that was a relief as well. Thanks again to the wonderful staff at the ER.

On July 22, I was admitted to Mission Memorial Hospital suffering renal failure, I was put on IV fluids...my blood pressure was very high. I want you to know the quality of care I received from the dedicated staff was second to none. Kindness, caring, compassion, understanding and oh the humour! Even though these dedicated ladies were pulling double shifts at times and working short staffed, one would never have known. Mission Memorial Hospital has hidden gems amid their staff.

Florence Nightingale would be proud of them… I most certainly am.

I have visited the emergency ward at Peace Arch Hospital on two occasions this week. I would like to give all the staff at Peace Arch Hospital emergency a special thanks for a job well done. The efficient service and personal care, was excellent! Dr.R. Leonard, Dr. Rattan, nurses Will, Kevin, Amy – thank you!

My dad was recently admitted to 5 West in Surrey Memorial for a leg procedure. I wanted to thank the nurse Keya for giving such great care and being so patient and kind while working with my elderly dad. Can't thank her enough!

Have been through the system trying to navigate my way out of the hell known as anorexia. I have seen many doctors, therapists and dieticians, but both Dr. Fujiwara and Dr. Lammerse truly stand out.

Dr. Fujiwara and Dr. Lammerse looked at me as a young woman first then as a patient with an eating disorder. Through this type of treatment, I felt as though they genuinely cared for me as a whole person not just a walking eating disorder. Each visit they made sure to ask about what I was up to outside of being treated for an eating disorder.

If I wasn’t where they would like me to be, physically speaking, they would not make me feel like a failure as I already felt like I was failing everyone- myself included. They would encourage me to take the next step in my recovery and would either give me direct advice or book appointments with the dietician or therapist to address the area that needed further work/development.

What stands out from my experience with Dr. Fujiwara is her calm and patient demeanour that she would bring to each appointment. Anytime we spoke I could tell she was actively listening with a non-judgemental ear. Knowing that I was not being judged allowed me to be open and honest, which was a fundamental and imperative aspect of my recovery.

Thinking of Dr. Lammerse, I can clearly remember her helping me set tangible goals toward beating my eating disorder. By working with me to set goals, not just setting the goal for me, she encouraged me to remain active in my recovery. Dr. Lammerse explained medical issues and the science behind the symptoms I was having in an easy to understand way, something I appreciated as a student in studying science.

Both Dr. Fujiwara and Dr. Lammerse allowed me to actively participate in all decisions related to my health and health care, without letting my eating disorder make the decisions. I can now appreciate these doctors seeing through the eating disorder talk, calling it out and thus treating the anorexic mindset.

Dr. Fujiwara and Dr. Lammerse- thank you. Thank you for devoting your practice to the treatment of eating disorders. Because of doctors like you, there are success stories like mine.

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