The MicroBloggingMD (MBDM) is Fraser Health’s only approved secure text messaging solution.

What is Secure Messaging?

  • Secure Messaging (MicroBloggingMD, MBMD) is Fraser Health’s only approved secure text messaging solution.
  • MBMD is being rolled out to all medical, nursing, allied health and health care support staff across our region, including acute, primary and community care.
  • MBMD is available on mobile and Fraser Health approved desktop devices and can be used to communicate with health care professionals across our region.

Why Secure Messaging, MicroBloggingMD, MBMD?

  • Strong emerging need for Secure Messaging
    Health care professionals are currently using unsecure methods of text messaging to support clinical care by sending patient and personal health information (PI and PHI) through text or multimedia messaging on their personal mobile devices.
  • MBMD:
    Enables communications about PI and PHI in a secure, quick and confidential manner. Supports mobile workflows for various multidisciplinary clinical teams. Provides more effective communications in support of patient care.

How to Enroll?

  • Check your Fraser Health inbox for an email with the subject ‘AR: Secure Messaging, MBMD Set Up’ from:
    If you did not receive an email or your token has expired/ does not work, contact: Enter the facility ID: Fraser. Use Fraser Health Windows credentials to sign into MBMD.
  • For assistance with getting set up contact:
  • For more information and support materials, please visit Pulse and search for MBMD.

For questions and support contact: or the Service Desk at 604-585-5544.

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