A hip protector is a specialized form of pants or underwear with pads designed to prevent hip fractures following a fall.

What is a hip protector?

Hip protectors are underwear, shorts, or pants with special padding on the sides to protect your hips during a fall. There are a variety of different styles (and companies) which supply these products – and the quality and effectiveness of these products varies. Hip protectors are commonly used by seniors who have a high risk of falls and hip fractures.

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How do hip protectors work?

Hip protectors absorb the impact of a fall and help protect the bone. When wearing the hip protector, the padding must always stay in place over your hip bone. To find the right size for you, measure the widest part of your hips.

To choose your hip protector, talk to your nurse, doctor or occupational or physical therapist. 

How do you properly fit a hip protector?

Each company will have guidelines on how to properly size and fit their different models of hip protectors on their company website.

Below are guidelines for two common hip protectors:


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