Ways to increase your milk supply.

By feeding often, your baby boosts your milk supply to meet their needs.

  • Breastfeed/Chestfeed often (every 1.5 – 2 hours)
  • Latch your baby deeply on the breast/chest tissue
  • Massage the firm areas of your breast/chest tissue while baby is feeding
  • Hand express or pump any milk that remains after a feed

Using medication

If you still feel that your supply is low, consult a public health nurse at your local health unit or other health care provider. They will discuss the use of medications to help increase your supply.

Reasons to use medication

  • Low milk supply due to illness/separation of mom/birth parent or baby
  • Mothers/Birth parents who pump or hand-express each feed and are experiencing a decline in milk supply
  • Re-establishing a milk supply after weaning
  • Adoptive nursing

Domperidone is a prescription medication that may help. Talk with your health care provider about whether you are a good candidate for domperidone.

Beer/hops have not been proven to be helpful. Alcohol can inhibit the let down reflex (slow milk flow).

Herbal remedies

Because of limited research and safety data, herbs are not routinely recommended to increase milk supply.