Learn about the process to open a personal services establishment.

Prior to opening a personal service establishment, an application form with floor plans must be submitted to your local health protection office. If you have any questions about the application process, speak with an environmental health officer.

Be sure to submit the following items with the health approval application form:

  • At least 2 printed copies of construction plans (layout of equipment or furniture, procedure rooms, hand wash basins, laundry room, description of surface, etc). Plans must be drawn to scale and contain all information specified on pages 6-9. Acceptable scale is 1:50 or ¼” per foot.
  • List of services provided
  • List of major equipment used (autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners, etc.)
  • List of implements (single-use and reusable)
  • List of chemicals (active ingredient and strength)
  • Procedures for cleaning, disinfecting and/or sterilizing for all implements and contact surfaces

Missing information could result in a delay processing your application.