This protocol consists of checklists for influenza, COVID-19 and other respiratory viral illness and outbreaks (e.g. RSV) and a flowchart. Each of the checklists link to relevant tools in the toolkit.

Updated December 1, 2023

Pre-season planning, preparation and prevention checklist

Viral respiratory illness and outbreak control measures checklists

This section includes a flow chart to guide in the use of the appropriate checklists to assist you in control measures for managing viral respiratory illness and outbreaks including COVID-19, influenza and/or other respiratory illnesses.

There are six checklists:

Influenza one case checklist (resident)

Influenza outbreak control measures checklist (influenza A and B)

Other respiratory illness (non-influenza/non COVID-19)

Staff case(s) checklist in LTC/AL: Influenza and/or COVID-19

Suspect case checklist (influenza, COVID-19 and/or other respiratory illness)

Enhanced monitoring and/or outbreak declared checklist - One (or more) positive COVID-19 resident case(s)