Holter monitoring is used to diagnose heart rhythm disturbances. An event monitor is a take home device used longer than a Holter monitor.

What is Holter monitoring?

The Holter monitoring allows you to have your heart monitored for 24 hours using a wearable holter monitor device. It records your heart's activity and can record a cardiac-related event if you experience one. Upon returning the unit to your outpatient clinic, the data is downloaded, analyzed and sent to a cardiologist for review.

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What is event monitoring?

An event monitor is a take home device used for longer than a holter monitor. It is activated by the patient when they experience a heart episode and it can capture the heart's rhythm during the event. Typically, it can store up to five episodes and is usually on loan for about two weeks, after which the data is provided to your cardiologist for interpretation.

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