Local communities in Fraser Health have services available to provide either low-cost or free food to their residents.

Free and low-cost food directory 

Below are lists of food, meal, and lower-cost grocery options organized by community. These lists are a collection of many local organizations whose programs can change frequently.

Community-specific programs

Search for programs in your community using the links below. Note, please call before visiting to ensure times and services have not changed. We update this list yearly.

Food banks

To find a food bank in your community, type in your address or community at foodbanksbc.com/find-a-food-bank.

Resources for schools and organizations

For schools and established organizations supporting families and communities facing food insecurity, check out Breakfast Club of Canada.

Questions and answers

  • This is my first time using low-cost food and meal services. How do I go about it?

    Food banks typically provide three to four days’ worth of free food every one or two weeks for their clients. Most will require you to register as a client to use their services. This can involve calling the food bank or setting up an appointment with them. Once you are registered, you can pick up your food hamper based on the operating hours and dates of that specific food bank. 

    Free meal programs provide individual meals and may be available to all community members or just a specific population (such as youth or seniors). You will need to contact the organization offering the meals to receive your food. Some programs offer free meals daily whereas others only operate on certain days during the week or month.

    Low-cost meals are available through several organizations. Orders and payment can be done online or over the phone and the prepackaged meals are delivered on specific days of the week. Some organizations provide hot meals whereas others offer frozen meals. Some of these services are only offered to specific populations, such as seniors or those with medical conditions. 

    Please see the municipality-specific services to find free and low-cost food options near you. Each organization operates slightly differently so check the description of each one to learn how to access their services. 

  • What other help is available to me?

    Do what you can for where you are right now – there is no perfect way to eat. Rather than thinking of foods as “healthy” or “unhealthy” and feeling like you need to eat certain foods, aim to choose a variety of foods from what you have available. Recognize that eating well means supporting social, spiritual and mental health as well as physical health.

    There may also be government financial benefits that you can access. Check the Government of Canada Benefits Finder webpage, or call 211 United Way Centraide.