Champion COVID-19 immunity in your community

Thank you for helping us work toward COVID-19 immunity in our communities by hosting an event to get people registered for their COVID-19 vaccine. We want your event to be as successful as possible and look forward to supporting your efforts. You and your event may even be featured in a story for our newsroom.

You may wish to do something as simple as grabbing your phone, iPad or laptop and calling up friends and family to help them register via or, you may wish to hold a community event. Depending on the size and scope of your event, here are some ways we can support you:

  • Provide our flyer to print, post or share. It can be found here, or on our Communication Toolkit page in 12 different languages:
    • Please note, all materials using our logo must be approved by Fraser Health.
  • Provide resources and working templates that will help you during the planning and implementation stages (see below).
  • Promote your event via:
    • The COVID-19 vaccine registration drives section of the Fraser Health website:
    • Possible shares on the Fraser Health Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms

Unfortunately, there are some things that we cannot do. These include:

  • Funding event-related expenses
  • Event administrative support

Getting started

Do you want to host a vaccine registration event in your community? Here are some quick tips to get started:

  • Decide if you want to form a volunteer event committee or simply host the event yourself:
    • You can recruit volunteers from your organization or invite friends, relatives or co-workers to work on your event.
    • Remember to practice COVID-19 safety protocols such as physical distancing, mask-wearing, hand washing and staying home if you are sick.
  • Contact Fraser Health at to let us know you’d like to host a COVID-19 vaccine registration event. We will provide you with tools and resources to help make your event a success.
  • Timelines – develop a schedule of when parts of your event need to be completed and who is responsible for completing each task.
  • Promotion – decide how you will inform the community about your event – i.e., e-mail, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, posters, etc. Remember, we’re here to help.
  • Conclusion/analysis – Debrief with event volunteers and take a look at what worked and what could be changed.
  • Thanks - ensure all volunteers are thanked and acknowledged for their contributions.

Contact Fraser Health anytime for advice by emailing

Event toolkit to get you started

Sample event plan

This is a sample event plan that you may find useful. Timelines and actions below are suggestions and can be adjusted to meet the needs of your event. Download a pdf copy.

2 weeks before the event:



Date complete

Choose a date and location for your event. Be sure to seek appropriate permissions depending on where you will be hosting your event.    
Contact Fraser Health for event materials and promotion of your event. 
Email us at
Form a volunteer committee.    
Assign committee tasks.    
Advertise to your friends and networks via phone, text, email and your own social media channels and instant messages.    


1 week before the event:



Date complete

Brief volunteers on their roles during the event.    
Pick up print materials from Fraser Health/arrange for printing and pick up.    
Practice registering someone with a friend or family member to ensure registration goes smoothly on event day.    


Event day:



Date complete

Arrive at your chosen location early to set up.    
Ensure volunteers are in attendance and ready to help. Ensure all volunteers are wearing a mask. Have hand sanitizer available. Ask volunteers to clean their hands frequently throughout the day.    
Have fun and enjoy your event!    





Date complete

Debrief with your volunteers to discuss successful aspects of your event and areas of improvement if you plan to host another event.    
Send event photosand the number of people you successfully registered to Ensure anyone appearing in your photos has signed a medial release forms,     
Post event photos to your own social media channels, ensuring you tag Fraser Health:

Instagram: @fraserhealth
Facebook: @FraserHealthAuthority
Twitter: @fraserhealth


Sample thank you letter

A thank you letter can be used to thank guests and other supporters of your event via email.

Dear [insert name here],

Thank you for supporting my COVID-19 registration event on [date]. Your support helped contribute to COVID-19 immunity in our communities. On behalf of everyone involved, I would like to extend my gratitude for your participation.

Fraser Health is dedicated to ensuring everyone in our region knows how to register for and receive their COVID-19 vaccine. By participating, you helped Fraser Health’s efforts to get people vaccinated and get our lives back to a new normal.

For more information about Fraser Health’s community registration even initiative, please visit

Thank you once again! Warmest regards,

Title, Email, Phone


Social media guide

Social media provides an effective way to broaden the promotion of your event and communicate with members of your community. It’s also a great way to show your success post-event. Tweet, post, tell a story and engage – open up the conversation about COVID-19 immunity in our communities.

Connect with Fraser Health by emailing This will allow us to identify you as a member of our community and help promote your event via these channels:

Things you can do:

  • Create an open event on Facebook and invite your social community to attend. By creating an open event, your attendees can invite their friends and peers.
  • For larger or recurring events, consider creating an open Facebook group. This gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with members of your group by providing regular event updates.
  • Get creative with social media! Post to Instagram stories, use TikTok to create an event promotion video and post to Instagram reels, send instant messages to your friends via Snapchat.
  • Leading up to the event, post regularly to get people excited. Give updates, share photos and videos before, during and after and, post-event, thank attendees for contributing to COVID-19 immunity in your community. If you take photos, please ensure each person in the photo signs a model release before using or sharing the photo. 
  • Use the hashtag #BCimmUNITY
  • Tag @fraserhealth on Instagram, @FraserHealthAuthority on Facebook and/or @Fraserhealth on Twitter in your posts so we can engage with your content and, where appropriate, repost to our audience.