How to seek help through referral from a health professional about your chronic pain.

To access these pain care programs, a referral is needed from your primary care provider.

Community pain program – eight week virtual pain self-management program

A team made up of registered nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, providing a whole person approach, including body, mind and sprit, to chronic pain management. 

The community pain program includes:

  • Self-management, education, gentle movement and physical rehabilitation
  • Facilitated access to additional pain, mental health and substance use services and community resources on an individual basis, as required
  • Ongoing case review with core pain team, pain specialist pharmacist and the primary care provider

Download more information about this program.

Ridge Meadows Wellness Centre - Chronic pain management clinic

An eight-session education and self-management program for individuals with chronic pain. This program is offered over four consecutive weeks.

Developed in collaboration with the Fraser Health Community Pain Program team, the Ridge Meadows Wellness Centre offers interdisciplinary services for individuals living with chronic pain. This group program is offered virtually throughout the year and in-person intermittently.

Jim Pattison outpatient care chronic pain clinic

Offers pain management through assessment, care and education by a team of health professionals for adults experiencing chronic pain.

The chronic pain clinic services include:

  • Self-management, education, gentle movement and physical rehabilitation
  • One-to-one assessment and care with specialized team members, including pain specialists, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, pharmacists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists, if needed
  • Interventional medicine, diagnosing and medication reviews coordinated with you and your family doctor
  • Pelvic Pain Clinic