Read about the practice change for STAT gram stains.

What's happening?

  • Between July 4, 2018 and October 1, 2018, STAT Gram stains on critical microbiology specimens from Royal Columbian Hospital (RCH) patients will not be performed by the laboratory staff between 1600 and 0600 hours.
  • Critical microbiology specimens requiring STAT Gram stain will be transported to Surrey Memorial Hospital (SMH) between 1600 and 0600 hours.
  • Critical microbiology specimens for STAT Gram stain include:
  • Brain abscess or brain biopsy
    • CSF (including EVD drainage/VP shunt specimens): from inpatient, including ER department, with cell count: WBC ≥ 6 x 106/L
    • Joint/Synovial (NOT bursa)
    • Pericardial fluid
    • Specimens collected in the operating room
      Specimens ordered STAT (other than those listed above) – laboratory will contact ordering physician to indicate specimen will be sent on next courier.

How Will This Impact Students and Faculty Instructors? 

Students and faculty instructors in nursing or laboratory programs are also advised to consult with their
clinical areas about any other necessary procedures regarding this notice.

For STAT Gram stain results of critical microbiology specimens, contact the Fraser Health Medical Microbiology

Laboratory – phone 604.585.5666 extension 772465.


Please contact the Student Practice Team.

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