Placing coordinators are reminded to release student names and enter placement dates in the Health Sciences Placement network (HSPnet) by August 31, 2018

What's happening?

The Student Practice and PARIS Teams in Fraser Health kindly request that placing coordinators complete the following actions in the Health Sciences Placement network (HSPnet) for all 1-to-1 Fall 2018 placement requests in Mental Health, Home Health, and Public Health by Friday, August 31, 2018:

  • Assign students to placement requests (if you have not already done so),
  • Release students’ names and school-based email addresses, and
  • Enter the accurate placement start and end dates.

Why is this important?

Our teams rely on the data entered into HSPnet to plan for PARIS training sessions. Most orientation requirements are now computer-based and can be completed from anywhere. However, students in 1-to-1 placements who require “write” access must successfully complete a PARIS skills assessment to chart patient/resident/client care. Students can only enroll for a skills assessment session in the LearningHub once the following pre-requisite has been completed:

Placement type

Target audience

Required online training

Required post-training assessment

1-to-1 placement

Students in 1-to- 1 placements

FH PARIS - online training - write access (clinicians/practicum placement students)

FH PARIS - Skills assessment

Instructor-led group

Faculty instructors
Group students

FH PARIS - online training - write access (student clinicians)


How will this impact students in 1-to-1 placements?

While students may sign up for an in-class skills assessment, staff are given priority seats for classroom sessions. Thus, we strongly encourage students to sign up for a skills assessment session via Skype. Students will be able to complete this 2-hour online session from any Fraser Health computer when they are on a Fraser Health site. Students may want to connect with their preceptors to ensure that they allocate time for this required training on the first day of their placements.

Delays in entering the requested information above may have implications for session planning, such as insufficient classroom spaces for students. If students are not able to register for and successfully complete the skills assessment, they will not be able to chart during their placements. This could lead to a sub-optimal learning experience.



Please contact the student practice team at

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