Learn about the order entry update regarding: Microbiology procedure HEART now orderable for heart valve tissue

What's happening?

The Student Practice team is informing students and faculty instructors in nursing, unit clerk, and laboratory programs that the HEART procedure is now orderable in MEDITECH Order Entry (OE) by FH sites collecting heart valve tissue specimens for Culture and Sensitivity (C&S). This came into effect on September 13, 2018. Sample types are:

  • Natural Valve (NAT)
  • Porcine Valve (PORC)
  • Prosthetic Valve (PROST)

Refer to Sample Collection & Dispatch Manual: Heart Valve Cultures, MIC 0510.

Microbiology procedure “TIS” (Tissue Culture) is not to be used for HEART valve cultures.

How will this impact students and faculty instructors? 

Students and faculty instructors who are completing student placements in Fraser Health must consult with their clinical areas to determine what other procedures should be followed to ensure that patients, clients, and residents continue to receive safe and quality care.


Please contact the Student Practice Team.

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