Learn about the latest MEDITECH education and training update for Abbotsford and Royal Columbian Hospitals.

What's happening?

The Student Practice Team would like to inform students and faculty instructors about updates to MEDITECH training requirements at Abbotsford Regional Hospital (ARH) and Royal Columbian Hospital (RCH).


  • MEDITECH Patient Care System (PCS) is now implemented throughout ARH and RCH Mental Healthand Substance Use (MHSU) clinical areas.
  • MEDITECH Emergency Department Management (EDM) Documentation is now implemented within ARH Emergency Department.

Students and faculty instructors placed at ARH and RCH MHSU will require the following electronic documentation system training according to their discipline and unit:

Discipline Unit Enterprise Medical Record (EMR) Patient Care System (PCS) Documentation Emergency Department Management (EDM) Documentation
 Nursing and Allied Health  All units
 Nursing Emergency

Why is this important?

Documentation in these MEDITECH applications using the correct tools and resources can optimize students’ and faculty instructors’ placement experiences. This is also important for ensuring that our patients continue to receive quality health care.

How Will This Impact Students and Faculty Instructors?

All students and faculty instructors must complete the training requirements outlined above a minimum of three weeks prior to the placement start date to receive “write" access to the system. Students and faculty instructors can register for these courses via the LearningHub.


Please contact the Student Practice Team.

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