Student placement reference guide for faculty and instructors at post-secondary institutions.

Faculty and instructors are employees of educational institutions who instruct and supervise students during the practice education experience.

All placements must be coordinated by the educational institution placing coordinator. Please direct all inquiries to the student practice team at Do not contact the practice setting or a Fraser Health employee directly.

Learn more about the placement process.

Practice Education Guidelines for B.C. are used to guide the roles and responsibilities of faculty, instructors, students and the health organization employees during the practice education experience. It is your responsibility to be familiar these guidelines (e.g., placement process, practice issues, negative behaviours in the workplace, etc.).

Prior to your placement

  • Complete the required orientation for both faculty and students prior to placement.
  • Schedule your local practice setting orientation listed in the HSPnet destination profile through the destination coordinator. See orientation page for local practice setting orientation checklist.
  • Set up your LearningHub account to access online training modules.
  • Activate your Windows user account and email. Please do this prior to arriving so you can access necessary policies and guidelines. Make sure you store your user account information for subsequent placements as you will not receive a new Windows user account.
  • Check your Fraser Health email regularly for updates and news related to your placement
  • Instructors can email to arrange for student, faculty and instructor parking. See orientation page for details.
  • Orientation programs for acute care, long term care and home health practice settings are available for faculty and instructors. Email to arrange.
  • Ensure students have completed all the required orientation.

During your placement

  • Facilitate local practice setting orientation for students (as applicable).
  • Make sure you have your school faculty photo I.D. visible at all times.
  • Dress code varies by practice setting and profession. Please refer to the Professional Image policy and local practice setting guidelines.
  • If you require a room for debriefing, contact the destination coordinator at the location.

Questions or concerns?

Contact the student practice team at

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