A new tailored facilitation process to assist Fraser Health leaders to obtain and use the specific research evidence for planning, policy and practice.

The Evidence Service brings together our existing services and expertise and adds a tailored facilitation process to assist Fraser Health leadership to obtain and use research evidence for planning, policy, and practice.

The Evidence Service provides targeted knowledge brokering support in conjunction with the evidence retrieval services already provided by our Library Services.

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Existing services:

  • Evidence access (Fraser Health Library Services portals)
  • Evidence retrieval (Fraser Health Library Services, Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology in Health (CADTH), other partners)
  • Evidence assessment (Department of Evaluation and Research Services research and implementation scientist and CADTH)

New service:

  • Focused knowledge translation, evidence synthesis and exchange (BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre)

How does the Evidence Service work?

Step 1: Identify a gap in evidence

You're a Fraser Health leader and need evidence to make an informed decision about your strategic and operational priorities.

Step 2: Contact our knowledge broker

Contact Alia Januwalla for an initial consultation.

This session will obtain information from you about: priority area(s), scope, context, timelines, sensitivities, and intent to engage patient or other experts.

Step 3: Evidence retrieval

Our knowledge broker will initiate the evidence search strategy with our Library team.

Our Library team will work with external partners (e.g. the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology) to retrieve the best quality evidence for you.

Our knowledge broker will ensure that the evidence is customized to meet your meets.

Step 4: Evidence obtained 

Your Evidence Service package arrives in your selected format: fact sheet, slide deck presentation, one-to-three page summary.

You will meet with the knowledge broker for a final review and discussion of materials to ensure your needs have been met.

Get in touch

Contact Alia Januwalla, our knowledge translation specialist, BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre, to discuss your evidence and implementation needs.