These guidelines are one of many resources available to health care professionals in Fraser Health to improve health care outcomes in hospice palliative/end-of-life care.

These guidelines provide recommendations based on scientific evidence and expert clinical opinion. They provide practical and easy-to-follow advice to health care providers for effective patient care.

The guidelines are not an all inclusive list of symptom guidelines. Rather, they are intended to be a convenient resource for some of the more common symptoms experienced by adult patients (19 years of age and over) and their families who are living with advanced life threatening illness. As they are symptom guidelines only, they do not replace individual patient and family assessment and/or clinical judgment within the scope of professional practice.

As these hospice palliative care symptom guidelines are a work in progress and as evidence changes, we encourage providers to be aware of this. We welcome and appreciate feedback.

Hospice palliative care symptom guidelines