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Training and support

Sustainment Training FAQs - Eagle Ridge Hospital 

Instructor-led classroom training is now available for staff and providers starting September 5, 2023. Classroom training sessions will run on a rotating schedule, weekdays from 08:00-16:00. Just-in-time training is longer available. 

Staff can attend these sessions in-person. Providers can attend in-person or virtually. 

  • Is training required? 

    Anyone, including staff and providers, who provides patient care at a site with MEDITECH® Expanse is required to take training.

    Fluency Direct/Front-End Speech Recognition (FESR) training is not mandatory, but it will ensure a smoother transition at Go-Live.

  • How do I register? 
    You can't access MEDITECH Expanse until your training is complete, so it's important to register as soon as possible. Registration for training happens on the LearningHub.

    Find your curriculum and learn more about how to register on the Registration page. 

  • How long will training take? 
    The amount of training you will need to take depends on your role:
    • Staff training can vary from half a day to two full days. 
    • Provider training can vary from two to five hours. 
  • When do I need to complete training?
    All training must be complete before accessing MEDITECH Expanse for patient care. 
  • When is Fluency Direct training? 
    Fluency Direct Training is offered at the end of every provider classroom training session, for one hour.
  • Will training time be compensated? 

    Yes. Physicians are compensated at Doctors of B.C. sessional rates for e-learns and classroom sessions based on the training hours required.

    Other roles will be compensated at the appropriate rate for their training time per their collective agreements.

  • Why is there so much training?
    We want to ensure you are given the opportunity to interact and engage in detailed walkthroughs of different orders, medication types, and in-depth clinical scenarios to help you feel prepared to use MEDITECH Expanse. 
  • How will the Advance Program ensure that training is relevant to different roles and covers important workflows?
    We are working with Clinical Nurse Educators, provider representatives and clinical work stream representatives to design realistic clinical scenarios. These scenarios will contain important workflows that are regularly used in specific clinical areas.