Provider and patient


What’s changing for patients?

The Advance Program will build on the strong foundation of our current clinical information system, but with modernized features, improved mobility and access, improved integration, and regional standardization. 

Some of the changes patients will see at the acute care campuses that are live with Advance, include:

New devices, such as workstations on wheels, and thin client computers for busy work areas.
Barcode scanners and i.d. wristbands to help manage medications.

Expected benefits include:

Direct care workers will have real-time access to patient information.
Streamlined care that reduces the need to provide redundant information.
Improved coordination between multiple care providers and across multiple
care settings.
Reduction in the risk of unnecessary duplicative tests.

Patient journey

When Advance is implemented at acute care campuses, it will transform the way health care is provided to patients. This video of a sample, end-to-end patient journey demonstrates new workflows and process that will be utilized when Advance is fully implemented. 

Watch Ana Smith's journey of care following a motor vehicle accident when she is transported to hospital via ambulance, is admitted to hospital, undergoes treatment, and begins her journey to recovery. 

Watch patient Anna's Journey through the future of care 


Closed captioning version