Digitized health care provides opportunities for improved provider and patient experiences that would be impossible to realize with pen and paper. 

The Advance Program enables a critical clinical transformation that is vital to helping Fraser Health achieve its long-term goals. The impacts of this transformation will support Fraser Health to achieve: Better health, best in health care. 

Modernization — Modernizing Fraser Health’s care delivery systems will support digitization and the goal of becoming a more data-driven organization. 

Continuous Improvement — Advance enables Fraser Health to continuously improve patient care, health outcomes, and safety. 

Continuity of Care — Advance supports improved coordination of care between all members of a patient’s care team, as well as continuity of care within and between Fraser Health sites and services. 

Patient Expectations — Advance supports Fraser Health to meet patients’ evolving expectations for health care in 2023 and beyond, most importantly by reducing errors and unintended harm. 

Health System Demands — Fraser Health is positioning itself to be able to meet the increasing demand for care driven by a growing and aging population.