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Leadership and governance

The Advance program is a collaborative partnership across Fraser Health’s regional programs, networks, site leadership, health informatics and information technology, facilities, and other strategic partners across lower mainland consolidated services, Provincial Health Services Authority, and the Ministry of Health.

The program leadership team provides strategic guidance and oversight to ensure the success of the program and the achievement of the benefits associated with a clinical information system implementation. 

Advance governance structure

The Advance program's governance model is in place to ensure program accountability, effective decision-making, transparency, and proactive risk management. The following guiding principles provide a framework for the governance to ensure appropriate accountability for all those involved:

  • Ensure we are working on the right things.
  • Decisions are made by the right stakeholders and governing bodies.
  • Decisions are made at the appropriate level of authority.
  • Communication is occurring via the right channel.

Executive program sponsors

The executive sponsors are members of Fraser Health’s senior leadership team under the chief executive officer. They represent the partnership across medicine, clinical programs, operations informatics, technology, and facilities.

The executive sponsors are:

  • Jennifer MacGregor, Vice President, Digital Patient and Provider Experience
  • Dr. Ralph Belle, Vice President, Medicine
  • Laurie Leith, Vice President, Regional Hospitals and Health Services

Program sponsors

The program sponsors represent the strong partnership across medicine, clinical programs, operations, informatics, technology, and facilities to support the solution delivery and program activities.

The program sponsors are:

  • Gregor McWalter, Chief Information Officer
  • Dr. Amyeen Hassanali, Chief Medical Information Officer
  • Terri Baker, Chief Clinical Information Officer
  • Julie Fraser, Executive Director, Patient Experience, and Chief Nursing and Allied Health Officer
  • Ricki-Lee Prestley, Executive Director, Clinical Informatics Services

Decision committees

The Advance Program team collaborates with subject matter experts on the Provider Decision Committee and the Clinical Decision Committee, who help ensure that Advance is designed, implemented for, and adopted by medical staff, nursing staff, and allied health professionals.

The Provider Decision Committee is responsible for decisions related to physician workflows, content, and practice changes, including activities such as order sets, documentation, and Computerized Provider Order Entry.

The Clinical Decision Committee is responsible for decisions related to nursing and allied health workflows, content, and practice changes.