Learn more about our three colour versions and when to apply them.

There are three versions of the Fraser Health logo:

Full colour 

  • Use for all colour reproduction.
  • Only for white or light grey backgrounds.

Black and white 

  • Use when colour printing is not available.
  • Only for white or light grey backgrounds.


White Fraser Health Logo

Applying the logo to silver or grey backgrounds

Shown below is a 10-step grey scale showing values ranging from a zero percent black to solid black. This scale shows when the colour or white logo are used for the best readability. It is important the logo has strong contrast for accessibility and clarity.

  • Use the colour Fraser Health logo for backgrounds 30% black and lighter.
  • Use the white Fraser Health logo on backgrounds 40% black and darker.

Applying the logo to other backgrounds

For easy reference the grid below shows when to use which colour version on a background.

Applying the logo to orange backgrounds

A large amount of orange in a design is reserved for cautionary communications. When needed, please apply the black and white or white Fraser Health logo.

Download Fraser Health logos (Intranet login access is required) and learn more about logo use with photography