Understand our logo and placement guidelines when Fraser Health is a sponsor or co-sponsor.

The Fraser Health signature is the primary visual identity for all Fraser Health departments, programs, facilities and campaigns. Also, it may be used as a secondary mark by related organizations, such as foundations, to show their relationship with the Fraser Health facility or program they support.

The heart element of the visual identity should always be used with the name Fraser Health clearly visible and in close proximity, so that the connection between the visual identity and the name is evident.

When Fraser Health is a sponsor or co-sponsor of any communication or initiative, the complete Fraser Health signature should be used to signify participation.

Facilities and programs which are licensed by, but not operated by or in partnership with Fraser Health may promote this relationship in text. Here’s an example: Our facility / program is licensed by Fraser Health.

The Fraser Health logo should not be used on websites or promotional materials of facilities licensed by Fraser Health without express permission.

Visual identity hierarchy

Communication protocols may dictate placement and prominence of logos. Contact Communications and Public Affairs at feedback@fraserhealth.ca if you have questions about co-branding

Generally speaking, where Fraser Health is the primary brand, the logo is placed to the left with the supporting secondary brand to its right. The reverse is true when Fraser Health is a secondary supporting brand. These guidelines will sometimes vary based on the graphic/brand standards of the partner brand

When there are multiple partners with logos, the recommendation is that all slogans are removed.


As primary brand

Primary co-brand

As secondary brand

Secondary co-brand