Provided by Fraser Health in collaboration with the Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice and the Katzie First Nations.

An eight-session education and self-management program for individuals with chronic pain. This program is offered over four consecutive weeks.

Developed in collaboration with the Fraser Health Community Pain Program team, the Ridge Meadows Wellness Centre offers interdisciplinary services for individuals living with chronic pain. This group program is offered virtually throughout the year, and in-person intermittently.

We request individuals commit to attending all education sessions if they would like to participate.

The pain program consists of:

  • One and a half-hour sessions, twice a week, for four weeks
  • Group education about chronic pain
  • Education on self-management skills and strategies to decrease pain and improve quality of life
  • Guided, gentle movement

Additional chronic pain services (available via physician/nurse practitioner referral), consist of:

  • Rehabilitation services (physiotherapy and occupational therapy)
  • Social work support
  • Dietitian consultation
  • Access to a pain specialist for consultation (treatments available on-site)
  • Pharmacist consultation for medication review and recommendations



To be eligible for the pain program, an individual must be 18 years of age and older with chronic pain (defined as pain lasting greater than three to six months and not improving with conventional treatment). We also ask that individuals express an interest in developing self-management skills, are willing to set goals and make action plans, can commit to attending all sessions, and are able to participate in group learning.

The program is open to those living in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows areas.


Individuals must be referred to the program by their primary care provider.

Referral options: Physician / Nurse Practitioner referral.


No cost.