Patient safety screening questions:

• Do you have a pacemaker/defibrillator?
• Do you have a neurostimulator or any other implanted electronic device?
• Any possibility of exposure to metal in your eyes e.g. welding, sheet metal work, grinding dust,         metal slivers?
• Are you claustrophobic/fearful of confined spaces?
• Are you pregnant?
• Have you had any major surgeries or medical procedures within the past 6 weeks (endoscopic        procedures, colonoscopies, biopsies injections)?
• Do you have an aneurysm clip(s)?
• Do you have any stents, coils, filters or heart valves?
• Do you have a shunt?
• Do you have any other implanted devices e.g. cochlear/IUD?
• Are you on hemodialysis? Ideally, hemodialysis should be performed within two to three hours        of contrast administration. Peritoneal dialysis should be performed within 48 hours of contrast        administration. If your MRI requires contrast, dialysis will need to be coordinated with your MRI      appointment.

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, please email or call 604-520-4767. If you contact us through email, we will send you an email communication to confirm your consent to which you must reply “Yes, I consent” before we can send you a response. 

Frequently asked questions:

Are hip/knee replacements other orthopedic surgery safe for MRI?
Most orthopedic implants are made of nonferrous materials and therefore are safe for MRI.

Are fillings, retainer, dental work safe for MRI?
Most dental hardware is safe for MRI. However, specific dental devices can obscure the images, so the technologist may ask you to remove them if possible.

Do I have to remove my piercings?
You will be asked to remove your piercings before having your MRI. Even if the piercings are nonferrous (not magnetic), they may heat up during an MRI and cause a burn.

Will I have to change my clothing?
You will be asked to change into a cotton gown and pants before having your MRI. Some other types of fabric can heat up during an MRI and can cause burns.

Why have I been told I need an X-ray with my MRI?
For most musculoskeletal MRIs (e.g. muscle, bone, joint, mass/lump), it is valuable to have an X-ray of the area of concern within three months of the MRI appointment. The MRI and X-rays are complementary exams that provide different and necessary information to the doctor interpreting the exam. This X-ray must be done in Fraser Health to compare the X-ray to your MRI images.

Do you provide Ativan?
The Royal Columbian Hospital MRI department does NOT provide Ativan or any other sedation medication. If you think you might need a sedative for your MRI, please contact your health care provider to obtain a prescription for the medication. You will need to bring this medication with you to your MRI appointment and, if taken before the exam, you will require a driver to take you home. 

Do I go in feet or head first?
Depending on the area being imaged, you might go into the MRI scanner head first or feet first. Generally, you will go into the scanner head first for the head, neck and spine scans. Most other exams can be done feet first.

How long is the scan?
An MRI scan can take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours. However, this does not include time to register and prepare for the scan. We will estimate how long you can expect this process to take upon booking your appointment.

You must arrive at the Royal Columbian Hospital MRI department at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to allow enough time for registration, screening, changing and preparation for the MRI. Please also allow enough time to find parking and arrive in the medical imaging department. The time given for your appointment is the actual time you are supposed to be ready to go directly in the MRI machine; it does not include all the necessary preparation. If you arrive late, your exam may be cancelled or rescheduled.

When will the results be ready?
The results of the MRI may take approximately one week to get to your health care provider. Some clinicians may be able to access the results online sooner.