Emergency short-stay treatment for adults who are in a mental health crisis.

33720 McDougall Avenue
B.C.V2S 1W4
Phone: 604-870-7583
Fax: 604-852-7102

Hours of operation

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



  • 19 years of age and over and are experiencing a mental health concern that is causing them distress and challenges to manage at home.
    whose existing support system in the community (e.g. family, friends, temple, church, Alcoholics Anonymous support group, counsellor, family doctor, case manager), is not enough to help them through their current mental distress.
  • Who are willing (voluntary) to accept and work on their mental health treatment and support in an open setting.
  • Who can be treated safely in an open setting.
  • Who do not require care in a hospital. 
  • Who are not at risk for suicide or self-harm.
  • Who are actively trying to abstain from substance use.
  • Who are able to take care of their daily living activities, like basic self-care.
  • Who are not at risk for wandering (e.g. who do not have dementia).
  • Who are not showing violence or aggressive behaviours, or are not at risk for violence or aggression.


Referrals for this service can be made through a family doctor, mental health centre or the hospital. The person may contact his/her family doctor or local mental health and substance use centre if they are trying to access this service from the community. If the person is leaving from hospital, the hospital staff completes the referral for access to CRESST.